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Physical Therapy, Eye ulcer, and relaxing~

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Hello, Everypawdy!!

Today April 5th, I went to my 5th rehab session and I am doing great!  The last two sessions I made it to 15 minutes on the treadmill/tank.  My visit on March 22nd, I put my paws on the side of the tank where there is no treadmill.  The girls said I am one smart girl!  But today, I only did it a couple of times and I kept a really good rhythm!!  I also do exercises and laser therapy on my hips.  When I first started going to physical therapy, I was sooo tuckered afterwards.  Now after 5 sessions, I am full of energy and want to do more!  My mom cannot believe how much physical therapy has helped me out.  She said some of my muscle tone was diminishing because we hadn’t been able to walk much due to the wind.  I get bad dry eye when it’s allergy season and when it’s windy.  Now I have Doggles, and I can walk in the wind!! Yay!  My Doggles are cute and for the most part I like them.  Everyone says I’m too cute!  This makes my mom happy 🙂

March 1, 2016 ~ Mom is taking me to my first physical therapy appointment!


Mommm…why am I in here??!? How do I get out?




Ummm..Mom, the water is getting higher…


Working hard! I went 10 minutes the first time.  I had to take a few breaks, but that’s ok.

20160301_090807 (1)20160301_090758

Thank goodness..we are done!  Notice all the noodles in the tank?’s because my body was going in different directions 🙂20160301_090945

After rehab, I was sooo tuckered.  I laid my head down and would open my eyes and just stare at my mom.  My mom said I was saying “Thank You” with my beautiful brown eyes.

20160301_095200 (1)

Then I pepped up because Mom said “LOOK” we are going to this cafe and getting a treat!!


My mom got me a heart shaped treat just for me 🙂


I am one happy girl!! 🙂


Relaxing outside…


March 22nd~ On our way to Physical Therapy!


Here we go…


You can see I have something going on with my’s an ulcer! Ouchy!! But I was still workin’ it!

March 22, 2016

March 22, 2016


We are done! Whew…


Time for the ‘rocker’ exercise. And then I was ready to do something different! 🙂


Time for laser therapy!  This is relaxing!!


Happy girl!


So, I started developing an ulcer on my eye about 5 weeks ago.  Nothing was working and my lower lid was turning in and my eyelashes were rubbing against the ulcer…extra ouchy!  I couldn’t open my eye, and so mom said we need to get me back in right away.  We went to the vet and they decided to do an eye tack and set it for the next day.  My uncle Justin had to take me to my appointment because mom had clinical at the hospital.  She warned him I might jump out of his truck..I did jump but Uncle Justin caught me.  I do this all the time to my mom.  She is catching me in mid-air to lower me to the ground.  I so bad just want to jump out of the car but they won’t let me.  Oh well…!  So I have been on eye antibiotics for several weeks now and have been going back each week to get my eye stained.  Just this week, we found out I no longer have an ulcer but I have a scar still.  I also still have an indention in my eye ball.  I think a stick may have started all this!  I’m still on eye drop antibiotics but I am no longer in pain.  The doctors are keeping the stitches in for now.  We hope the ulcer stays away!!

February 20th, my eye started hurting..




February 23rd~


February 26th, Uncle Justin hanging party lights, so we can celebrate when Mom graduates!!

20160226_165347 (1)



February 27th, we went to the vet to have my eye checked.  Mom then took me to get some Ice Cream to celebrate my 8 month ampuversary (February 22nd)!!!

Vet visit~


Ice Cream at Culvers!! Yummy to my tummy!!! 🙂


Me and my mom…





Mom..I think some dropped…




Hi 🙂




March 1, 2016~ eye doesn’t feel good 🙁


March 10th, 2016 ~ I had my eye tacked today.  I am not feeling hungry 🙁


Resting with my doughnut cone…Mom says I am still so cute.


March 12th, 2016~ Still resting…


Resting with my brother..He is sooo sweet. He said he didn’t have much room on the couch, but said that’s ok because I wasn’t feeling good.


My brother told me to rest up…




Yummy…we love when Uncle Justin cooks dinner because sometimes he feeds us good food!  Mom says only it’s healthy food!


Visiting the vet on March 15th~ Mom..when is my eye going to get better?


March 18th~Resting with my sister Ixora…


March 22nd, study time…


Bear learning about nursing..




March 24th~

March 24, 2016

March 25th, 2016~ Working on my balancing exercises..LOL

March 25, 2016


March 29, 2016~ Look how happy I am after Physical Therapy!  Mom said she wanted a Coca~Cola from McDonalds across the we went…The ladies in the drive through saw how thirsty I was (since I didn’t want to drink any water at physical therapy!), so they offered McDonald’s water.  Boy oh boy..I guess their water is better, just like their coca~cola is better than anywhere else.  I was a thirsty girl!  Everyone at the drive-thru said I was extra cute and it looked like I worked hard in physical therapy.  They are right!!


Then mom gave me a treat!  Yummy.. 🙂



Hope Everypawdy is doing well!

Love~ Miss Mollie Moo and Family  xoxoxo




Miss Mollie Moo~January and February/Valentines Day Pictures 2016

Sunday, March 27th, 2016

Hello, it’s Mollie Moo!

My Mom and I are a little behind on posting some pictures.  She says it’s important to her that we blog my experiences and our life together.  My mom is almost done with nursing school. seems like forever!  But it never stops her from spending lots and lots of time with us!  We love our mommy time!

Pictures from January and February 2016~


Just chillin’….


I think my brother Bear is dreaming to be like a flying SuperDog! He’s a little silly!


I am waiting patiently for my KC strip steaks to celebrate my 7~month Ampuversary (Jan 22, 2016)!!!  I am a Big Girl Trooper!


Yummy to my tummy!


I wanted to be close to my mom while she studied.  But instead of laying on top of my two doggie beds, I laid in the middle. (I do this all by myself!)  We like when mom puts our doggie beds on top of each other because it’s like a bunk bed to us!


Mom had a photo shoot at school…then she came home and wanted to take pictures of me and my siblings.  As you can tell, I wasn’t having it.  She says my face says it all.  But it made my mom happy to get a few good pics of us.



Fun day pictures 🙂


February 2nd, 2016~



Aren’t we cute!?!


Valentine’s Day!!


I tried to give my sister a big kiss for Valentines Day..but she wasn’t haven’t it.

20160214_170028 (1)

Come here and get your Valentine’s Kiss!!!


Momm..Ixora won’t give me kisses!!!


Outside enjoying the day~

20160214_155623 (1)

Funny face picture!



Mom..seriously, no more studying.



And some pics of me just laying around… 🙂

Hi, mom!


I like sleeping in weird positions.


Silly me picture…:)


Hope all is well! Talk to you soon!

Love~ Miss Mollie Moo and Family

Jan 22nd, 2016 ~ 6-month Ampuversary!!!

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

Wohoo!!!!  January 22nd marks my 6-month ampuversary!!!  My mom is soooo proud of me 🙂  Mom is going to the store today to buy some Kansas City strip steaks for me and my siblings to celebrate!!!  Yummy!!!  I am still staying strong and stubborn!  My mom says she wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are staying warm on our walks!  Yesterday, we were walking near the school and parents were waiting in their cars to pick up their kids.  A parent rolled down her window and said I am adorable!! I love my walks with my mom!


Getting ready for my walk!

20160120_161423    20160120_161439

Hurry up mom!  I am ready to go!!   Shakey, shakey…

20160120_161750    20160120_161840_Richtone(HDR)

I see the mail lady!  We love to walk with her when she is delivering the mail!  But when I am inside my home and see her, I don’t like her…LOL!!!


Here is a picture of me looking for the mail lady. (This is the calm me before I see the mail lady)


Playing in the snow…

20160119_145301  20160119_145314



Measuring the snow…we need more snow so we can romp around in it!!!!


Mom, can you stop studying and play with me!!??!!


Me too!!?!!


Relaxing at the end of the day 🙂


Hope all is well~ Stay warm!!

Love from~ Mollie Moo and family


Jan 7th, 2016~Vet visit went well:))

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016


My brother Bear and I in the snow!! (Dec 29th, 2015)

20151229_140457 (1)

I went to the vet on Thursday, Jan 7th and had my blood work done.  It has been over a month since my final chemo treatment.  My blood work came back and it showed excellent results.  My liver enzymes are good too!  That is important since I am on Rimadyl.  My eyes have a little cloudiness due to my dry eye condition.  But the vet said I am maxed out on the tear drops (meds and gel drops) so there wouldn’t be much else we could do.  The vet said she wasn’t concerned about it.  My mom opted not to do chest x-rays.  We have not had a chest x-ray since my initial diagnosis in June 2015.  My mom said whether or not she knew wouldn’t change how we spend our time together. We take advantage of every moment we have together.  My mom said it would only make her worry more if she knew there were mets in my lungs.

At the vet’s office…a little fuzzy but mom likes this picture because it shows my smile:))


On Jan 1st I started taking artemix.  Just last night I moved up to 2 pills and the butyrex.  We have been researching metronomic therapy and cytoxan.  We are going to text the vet to see what she thinks about cytoxan.  We do not have an oncologist, but our vet speaks to her friend at Kansas State University who is an oncologist, about our treatment plan.  As of now I am taking K-9 Immunity Plus, Artemix, fish oil, and Butyrex.  We need to start vitamin C and D to help with the artemix.  It still can be so overwhelming.  My mom just wants the best for me.

Me sleeping on mom’s new chair.  Mom says it’s now my chair.  She says it is ok :))


Yesterday I went with my mom to Petsmart and Culvers!!  I made so many people smile.  I got a lot of treats from people too!!  That is the best ever!!  We are enjoying our walks, even in the cold weather.  I have neighbors down the street that I love to visit often.  Soon we will post some pics from the holidays…my mom is super busy again with her last semester in nursing school.  But that doesn’t stop her from spending lots of time with me and my siblings:))

With lots of love~

Miss Mollie Moo and Family

Going to Petsmart!!!  & Culvers!



December 31, 2015 ~ Hoppy New Year’s Eve!!!

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

Hello everypawdy!  We have made it to the end of 2015.  This year has had it’s ups and downs.  I am so blessed to have Mollie Moo living and enjoying life.  Mollie Moo has had many milestones and I am so proud of her.  She is my BIG GIRL TROOPER!!! :))  Miss Mollie had her 5th (and last) chemo treatment on November 27th.  By her 4th and 5th treatments, she was showing signs of her body being tired of having chemo.  But overall, she did extremely well with her chemo treatments.  On December 22nd, she celebrated her 5th ampuversary!  Everyday is a celebration of life with Miss Mollie Moo!!  I love her so much!  We are ending our year on a good note.  We are hanging out on New Year’s Eve on the couch!  And loving it:))  As the New Year approaches we are reflecting on all our memories and enjoying our present moment.  We hope and pray for a beautiful, loving, caring New Year 2016!

Love ~ Mollie Moo and the Family