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Celebrating my 13~Month AMPUVERSARY!!!

Oh wow!!!  My oh my, how time flies by!  I guess they say no news is good news..right?!  Well, I am here to let you know I just celebrated my 13~month Ampuversary on August 22nd, 2016!!!  Yay for me!!!  I celebrated my ONE~Year Ampuversary on July 22nd.  And I turned 8~years old on June 7th!!!  So many fun celebrations!!!  My mom, brother, and sister and I are so blessed to have this beautiful time together.  I have been doing well!!  My mom sometimes does worry…mainly because my stamina has slowed down and I am short of breath after a short burst of exercise.  She isn’t sure if it’s because of the warm, humid weather or something else :/  She occasionally listens to my chest and wonders… BUT…my mom quickly stops her stinkin’ thinking and starts living in the moment with joy instead of sadness.  I am eating my Orjien, taking Tramadol and Rimadyl, Immunity Plus, and Anchovy-Sardine Oil with breakfast and dinner.  This has been my routine since the beginning and it has been working for me.  We pray every morning and night that life continues with happiness and good health.

We have had a great summer!!  My mom finally doesn’t have to study anymore because she passed her boards in July and is now a real nurse!  🙂  In my heart, my mom has always been a great nurse to me! 🙂  Here are some fun pics of  my celebrations during our 2016 Summer…WARNING>>LOTS OF PICS!! 🙂


July 22nd, 2016 ~ I celebrated my ONE~Year Ampuversary!!! (It’s kinda a big deal!!)

I don’t like balloons, so my mom made pretend balloons for me 🙂 




I decided for my ONE~Year Ampuversary celebration, I wanted to share my LOVE with all my neighbor and family doggie friends by making PUP-CAKES and Homemade Doggie Bones…and all organic too..YUMMY to my TUMMY!!

Here is the recipe my mom used.. And for the frosting, she used greek yogurt and peanut butter!


Mommy baked some fun stuff!!  She made homemade biscuits in all kinds of shapes.  And we cut out the number 1 to put on top of the Pup-Cakes…


Licking the bowl..




Here is our final product my mom and I delivered to my neighbor doggie friends.  My friends loved it all!!!


20160722_182352  20160722_182413(0)  20160722_182417


My mom finally put it down on the ground and I was so excited for my pup~cake that it looks like I am flying in the air…!!!


My brother, sister, and I enjoyed my little party!!!



THEN…my neighbor who we delivered doggie treats to, gave us PUPCICLES!!! Made with chicken broth..






Now time for a nap…



Mom?? Did you say it’s my 13~month Ampuversary!?!!  Yay!!!! We had family time and celebrated with some yummy KC strip Steaks!!


Cute Pic!!!



Me waiting patiently for mom to cook some steak!!




And after dinner lounge time…My tummy is full and happy!!! 🙂


Night, night…:)


Love from Mollie Moo and Family~



8 Responses to “Celebrating my 13~Month AMPUVERSARY!!!”

  1.   midnighter94 Says:

    Mollie Moo! Oh my gosh, what a busy summer you’ve had!!! First of all, congratulations to mom, we need more great nurses in here! Second, Hoppy Ampuversary Mollie!!! Whoo Hoo a whole year! Plus one!!! Wow! And to get pup cakes and pupsicles on the same day? You are so lucky! And never apologize for pictures, there’s no such thing as too many 🙂
    Hugs from Murphy, Cassie & Max
    And Donna! <3

  2.   hester Says:

    Happy, happy ampuversary (1y 1m) and birthday, gorgeous Miss Mollie Moo! Your cake looks delish, we are going to have to try it out here, so thanks for sharing!

    Glad you and your family are celebrating EVERY milestone!

    Lisa and Pofi dog

  3.   megstamum Says:

    OMD! I totally LOVE this. Such fabulous pictures. Happy Ampuversary!!! You sure know how to celebrate in style. I’m going to copy out that recipe and leave it out for Mum to find. Nudge, nudge, hint, hint… That LOVE plate says it all!

    Meg and Clare xx

  4.   Zuki Says:

    Hahaha! This is fantastic! Looks like you all had great fun 🙂 Such a fabulous idea to celebrate with all the neighbours

  5.   linda8115 Says:

    That is one very special mom you’ve got there Miss Mollie Moo! Sure do have good eats at your house. Happy happy thirteen months sweet girl! Loved all the pictures of you and your pack and you my dear are gorgeous as ever!

  6.   Michelle Says:

    Hoppy 13 month Ampuversary. Looks like you had a joyous celebration. Keep kicking butt Mollie Moo.
    Those cookies & pupcakes look awesome.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  7.   dobemom Says:

    Hey gorgeous! Happy everything! Looks like your mom has spoiling you and your sibs down to a science – as well she should. Love, love love the pics…..maybe mom can get in some with you next time. A fellow Tripawd mom (Michelle) 🙂 advised me to not only take pics of my handsome Nitro, but to make sure I got some of the both of us. Keep up the good work Mollie moo – we’re all rooting for you!

    Paula and Nitro

  8.   5chuppies Says:

    What a wonderful celebration! You are a very special girl! Wishing you and your family many more celebrations together! Love and kisses from Summer and Patchy and our gang!

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