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Doggles, yard work, and new friends!


Here is a picture of me when we first got my Doggles!  I have worn them once outside and I did pretty good wearing them.  My mom says she may get some lens that aren’t too dark.  Soon we will get a picture with them on during our walk. I think I look cute!


Here are some pictures of me helping mom outside with our yard work.  We had some foundation work done over the winter time, and they put lots of clay soil on our beautiful yard.  So now we are having to do some extra work to get it all pretty again.



Happy girl! 🙂


Me and my brother Bear! Giving him kissess…xoxo



April 3rd~ I am so happy to go on our morning walk.  I went to the fire station (1/2 mile) without taking a break!  My endurance is much better since I started physical therapy.


Me sleeping with my bunny my mom got me for Easter! So far mom has succeeded with getting Bear to not take my bunny!


Me at the vet on April 4th..they said no more ulcer is visible! Yay!! I get so excited to see my friends at the vet office.


Just waiting patiently for the doctor to come through the door so she can give me treats! 🙂


Yesterday I went to my 5th physical therapy appointment and did really well!  I forgot to post my pictures in the previous post, so here they are…



Then my mom and I went to visit her friend.  I got to me a new friend named Sasha.  She was a little scared of me at first, maybe because I’m extra big to her, but she soon came around and we gave each other a kiss..xoxo


A picture of me and my mom after physical therapy!  I love me and mommy time! 🙂


When we got home, I posed for a picture.  Now it’s nappy time!


Talk soon~

Love, Mollie Moo and Family  xoxoxo


6 Responses to “Doggles, yard work, and new friends!”

  1.   krun15 Says:

    Thank you for the doggle pic!
    My pug boy Obie has the pair with flames on them! He has just enough of a nose to wear them. He wore them for awhile but now he acts like the chin strap is choking him even though I added extra length.
    Molly has inspired me to try again though.

    Keep rockin’ it Molly Moo!


  2.   linda8115 Says:

    Well Miss Mollie Moo I don’t think I have ever seen a dog that “rocked” Doggles like you do! And you look quite content while wearing them too. Just chilled out and enjoying another day at the “Moo” residence. Looking good my friend!
    Linda, Ollie, Riley & Spirit Mighty Max

  3.   mom2shelby Says:

    These are great photos!!!! I never get tired of photos …. they look great. And definitely love the “doggles”!!

  4.   benny55 Says:

    I am always soooooo excited when I see a post from Molly Moo!! I KNOW I’ll be smilin” all day after because of the delightful pictures and captions!! Needless to say, she never disappoints!

    Thdoggles!!! OMDOGGLES! She looks adorable! Your other blog went down before I had a chance to comment. But I know you mentioned her eye issues and the “doggles”. I never realized they were available as a solution.

    Molly Moo with Bear, with Sasha, and with her mom…all sooo sweet!

    And all those pictures from her earlier blog and, again, with the adorable thought bubbles, such a smile making blog!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share Molly Moo with us. I just LOVE everything MOLLY MOO! I’m gonna hop over to the previous blog so I can smile and laugh some more!

    Smooch the mug for us!!

    Hugs and love to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  5.   jerry Says:

    Mollie you sure know how to live large my friend. I love watching you get so strong and have a ball on three legs. You look marvelous! Keep it up.

    P.S. Would you mind if I posted some of your photos in our gallery? I really think they tell a great story about rehab.

    •   molliemoo Says:

      Hi, Jerry! I don’t mind at all if you post pics of my rehab. I hope others will be influenced and will attend rehab. I have progressed so much since I started. 🙂

      Love~Miss Mollie Moo and Family

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