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Miss Mollie Moo ~ Fall 2015 & Halloween

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

Wow!! I cannot believe it has been over a month since our last post.  Where has the time gone!  On October 24th, I celebrated my 3- month Ampuversary!!!! Yay for me!  On October 30th, I went in for my 4th round of chemo.  My mom allowed me to wear my Halloween costume and I was extra excited.  The hospital staff even allowed me to wear it while I got my chemo!  Everyone smiled and thought I was cute.  When my mom picked me up that afternoon, I walked out with my costume on and the people in the waiting room feel in LOVE with me!  One family wanted to take me home.  My mom thought it was cute but said “no”.  LOL

I have been doing really good!  My mom is so thankful she decided to amputate and do chemo.  She says the time she has with me is so worth it:)  I love my mom and she loves me!!!!!

I have to say that I’ve turned my walks into runs.  I enjoy running down the street and back.  I now go farther on my walks.  I am still getting stronger and stronger everyday!!!   (**BEWARE: Lots and Lots of Pictures posted)

After my run/walk~ I think I see my neighborhood doggie friends!!






Bath Time..Yippee..NOT!  But I am always happy when it is over and I am fresh and clean! 🙂

Did you say TREAT!!!!???!!!!




Halloween Lights!!!! Scary!!


Halloween Pictures 2015



Halloween Cheerleader


Rufferee, Wide Retriever, and Halloween Cheerleader!!! So much fun 🙂


Waiting for the Trick-or-Treaters!  My mom let me out to greet all the kids.  A few kids knew who I was because they see us walking all the time.  I love kids!!!


My mom loves this picture!



Chemo Treatment #4..I love going to visit all my friends at the doggie hospital!


My routine to pee after I get home from my chemo treatment!  See…TRIPAWDS can pee even when wearing a TuTu!!


Hanging out with my brother after my treatment. **Look, I got a Halloween bandage:)) So cool!




5 days after chemo and I’m going strong!!  We went to visit a park nearby.  It was a beautiful fall day!



I LOVED WATCHING THE DUCKS PLAY IN THE WATER!!!!! My mom’s favorite picture!  This one will probably be on our Thanksgiving Card!

20151104_150638-EFFECTS (1)

LooK at My SMILE :))






Helping mom in the backyard!! Boy do we have a lot of LEAVES!!!!!!!


Now we have to do more yard work!!  But it’s ok, cause I like helping my mom! 🙂

Picture of me and my mom:)




Mollie Moo~ Sept 28th busy day

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Good Morning~ Yesterday was a busy day for me!!  My mom gave me a bath and guess what?!?? I was a GOOD girl and didn’t get my mom soaked:)  Later we went on a walk and I searched for any neighbors to come say hi to me.  My neighbors across the street saw me and came out to say hi.  I got hugs and lots of love from them.  Then my other neighbor and her dog came out to visit.  Oh no, I am not supposed to play with other dogs while on chemo…but my mom couldn’t resist. I got to romp around with my next door neighbor dog for a little bit.  I really needed that because I have been missing the fun interaction with other dogs.  My mom knows my friend Ollie is healthy and not sick so she hopes it was ok that I played with Ollie.  It was good for me but my mom just hopes I didn’t over do it (my mom doesn’t want my Sharpei fever to flare up…which happens if my body is under a lot of stress).  I did a little face plant while playing but it was ok because I got right back up and kept playing.  My neighbors were so happy to see me and complemented on how great I look!!  They were so excited to see how I have pawgressed in just 2 months.  Well, just wanted to send this post because it was a happy moment for me to see my friends and wanted to share it with all of you!!


I’m tuckered!!



Good, Fun Day!!! 🙂


Love~ Mollie Moo and Family

Sept 24th- 2 month Ampuversary

Monday, September 28th, 2015

On Sept 24th, I celebrated my two month Ampuversary.  My mom cannot believe how time has flied by.  She said she doesn’t like this so much.  This Friday I will receive my 3rd round of chemo…again the time has flown by.  My mom is a little worried because we think I will be getting chest x-rays this chemo trip.  She doesn’t want to see anything bad in my lungs.  We are praying and hoping for the best!!

One thing I am excited for is when chemo is over, I get to play with my doggie friends.  And my mom wants us to start volunteering, hopefully with kids because they are soooo sweet and fun!  We have been relaxing (mom is studying) and enjoying the beautiful fall weather!


Ixora and me:)


Checking out the neighbors yard! Is anyone home???


Our neighbor Uncle Steve isn’t home either!  Hmmm…


Pretty picture!

20150926_090044 20150926_090041 20150926_090015

I wonder what’s over here….


Back home from our walk.  I’m tuckered.


Mom…you and your camera!  It’s ok..I WUFF YOU!!!!


Me studying with mom:)

20150928_090401 20150928_090326

More pics from our walks…

20150926_084048  20150926_084021 20150926_084011

I’m my mom’s beautiful brown eye girl!!! 🙂


Take care Everypawdy!  Love ~ Mollie Moo and Family

Miss Mollie Moo~ Getting Stronger

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

Hi, Everypawdy!

The last few weeks I have been getting stronger!  I definitely have my full BARK back.  It was somewhat muttled for awhile but now I’m ready to bark at all my friends and neighbors 🙂  I love all my neighbors but I still have to look out and protect my mom, brother, and sister!  My strength in my body is awesome!  And each day I’m getting stronger and stronger.  Last week my mom let me out in the front yard while she was putting groceries away.  Well, I decided to jump in the car with the groceries and then my mom saw me so I jumped out!  It’s an SUV so I had a ways down but I did it!!  I almost did a face plant but caught myself..phew, thank goodness!!!  I still need to be careful though.  Mom says somethings are ok and other things are not ok.  I cannot injure myself, especially while my platelet counts are a little on the low side.

So last Friday I went to get my 2 week check up (from 2nd round of chemo).  Everything looked great with my blood work, but my platelets were at 119,000.  This happened on my first treatment too.  But they went back up last time, so my mom is not too worried this time.  Also, we have learned that I need to take it a little easy around week 2.  Last time I overexerted myself and I ended up getting my Sharpei fever…which is not good!  103.5 temperature is high, especially when I take Rimadyl everyday.  But things are looking good this time around and my mom is happy!  Well, in two days my 2 month ampuversary will be here!  I cannot believe how time has flied by.  Enjoy every moment, every day!  Life is precious 🙂

Love ~ Mollie Moo and Family

P.S.  Here are some pics!!!

I jumped on the couch and this is how I decided to sit!  It was pretty comfy!!

Sept 11 2015

My mom LOVES this pic!  I was just hanging out and then she said the wonderful word, “TREAT”!! 🙂

Sept 12 2015

I was taking a nap and my brother Bear came to snuggle and take a nap with me!

Sept 22 2015 1

Hanging out with the family!!

Sept 21 2015 1

My mom bought us new toys!  My favorite is a little rabbit.  This is the halloween bear that my brother LOVES!!

Sept 21 2015

Today on our morning walk..stoppin’ to smell the neighbors yard!

Sept 22 2

And now it is finally bed time….

Sept 22 2015

And the last pic my mom took I literally was turning my nose up because I didn’t want my picture taken mom thought this pic was cute!!

Sept 22 2015 3

Good night all!!!

Mollie Moo~Happy Labor Day 2015

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Today was a good day!  It is Labor Day and we rested and grilled out!  Bear looks sad but he’s not..he just didn’t want to pose for the camera.  Mom made us a yummy hamburger for our dinner snack!  It was yummy 🙂

Labor Day 2015

It has been 3 days since my 2nd chemo treatment and I have been doing PAWsome! I got a little nap in today while my mom studied:)


Love ~ Miss Mollie Moo and Family  Xoxo